Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an amazing martial art with endless benefits! It has changed my life in countless ways. From the friendships I have forged to the confidence and self esteem I have built.

Living a healthy lifestyle, practising patience and respect, Jiu Jitsu can give you a solid set of skills that you can practice both on the matts and in your daily life.

We at Legacy know that everyone trains for different reasons. Whether its to get fit, gain confidence, have fun or even make a world champion out of yourself, here at Legacy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gold Coast we have a place for you!

Come and share your journey with us!


Legacy BJJ Coach

Kids BJJ

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has proven to be an excellent way to introduce your kids to Self Defence and Martial Arts.

Give your kids a set of skills they will keep for life. Whether you are looking at social skills, self defence skills, give them confidence or gain discipline, Brazilian jiu jitsu is the best toll your children could have to face life in general.


Adults BJJ

Brazilian Jiu jitsu is a very empowering tool. It teaches you discipline, patience, how to defend yourself, amongst many other benefits.

It is above all an excellent problem solving skill. Specifically designed for lighter and weaker people to overcome stronger opponents through leverage and technique.

Come try it for yourself!

Be part of this sport that will absolutely change your life!


Self defence and Fitness

We, here at Legacy Currumbin are proud to maintain the traditions of the "old school" Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

That's why we offer on a weekly basis as part of our jiu Jitsu program, Self Defence Classes.

Specific classes are offered for women's Self Defence as well!

Book yours now!

What people say

We go the extra mile to turn our students into fans. Legacy BJJ Gold Coast has made a lot of people happy and we are proud to share some of our experiences with you.

I’m very happy with what I’ve seen so far. My boys are enjoying themselves and making friends quickly. Great safe environment for the children.

Alicia Wilkins

The boys started a few months ago and absolutely love it. Fabio and Nathan are just amazing coaches. Thanks guys!

Tanya McCormack

Great trainer... Gold Coast is fortunate to have such an esteemed practitioner.

Rodd Sanchez

Very welcoming, genuine, hardworking bunch of people. Great trainers and the perfect environment to learn BJJ.

Adam Barth

I train there with my kids, great facility with expert trainers, would highly recommend Legacy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Jonathan Barton Harvey

My son started at Legacy about a month ago. After trying many different sports that he didn’t click in we thought we would give it a go. HE LOVES IT!!!


Our two sons have been going to classes 3 times a week and they love it. Excellent mentors, great strength and fitness training. Good discipline.


Great mentors and just a great environment to train in!!!


Great academy with a great teacher. Friendly atmosphere and people - open to all skill and fitness levels.


Best trainer ever! I'd highly recommend Fab to anyone!


Programs and Facilities



Self-Defence & Fitness

Personal Training

Senior training over 40’s


Meet the trainers

“The instructor effectiveness should be gauged by the progress of his least athletic student instead of the accomplishments of his most athletic student.”
– Grandmaster Helio Gracie


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